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  • Are you having trouble balancing work, family & social life?
  • Do you experience sleepless nights?
  • Are you unable to calm the mind?
  • Aren’t you satisfied with the quality of your life?
  • Do you think multitasking is cool?
  • Do you need to do something about your negative mood?
  • Are you suffering from body aches & pains?
  • Does your body need a detox?
  • Are you longing for inner peace?
  • Do you secretly want everything to stop?
  • Are you unable to create time for yourself?
  • Do you need to recharge and refresh?




Hi I’m JJ,

Your Guide To Inner Peace & Authentic Power

I’m a personal coach, a passionate yoga & meditation teacher, and a love activist.

That’s why I believe when you take responsibility and you make an effort to think, speak and (re)act from the heart, you become more authentic, relaxed, calm, healthy, and happy. 

I guide ambitious professionals & entrepreneurs to inner peace through personal coaching, so that they can enjoy a successful & harmonious life & business.

Besides my personal coaching I offer online yoga & meditation programs to guide you to inner peace. Because I believe that people at peace make better decisions. 

Does your life and/or business need a more calm & happy YOU? 


What is Me-Time Coaching?

Me-Time Coaching is focused on creating & implementing a daily quality moment of Me-Time.

You’ll learn to:

  • create time for yourself.
  • balance out your life & work/business.
  • calm the mind & enjoy inner peace.
  • how to recharge & refresh.
  • protect yourself from negativity.
  • bounce right back after adversity strikes. 
  • feel confident & empowered.
  • make authentic decisions.
  • enjoy the present moment.
  • connect with your body and your heart.
  • spend more quality time with your family & friends.


Through my years of field work I discovered that there are two choices you can make. You can react out of attack or fear what will distance you from your authentic power or you can choose for a loving response what will keep you aligned and connected.

“We’re overwhelmed by too many choices and we aren’t trained to process them all. Me-Time will educate you how to do just that.”


How do I work?

I work individually. We start with a free discovery call. And because I believe everyone is unique and has a unique lifestyle I value your openness and honesty so we can establish the right and most efficient method to reach the desired outcome.

And because I value everyone’s time and efficiency I offer both online and offline coaching programs, so you as the client can decide whenever and wherever to work on your progress.

Together we’ll create your personalised Me-time moment that will calm the mind so you can enjoy a harmonious life & business.

So are you ready to expect miraculous change as you transform your old patterns into new habits?

Are you ready to empower yourself with the belief that you can achieve anything you desire and create a happy and joyful life?

If your answer is YES than you’re ready to train with me. Hit the pink button below & let’s get started by setting a date for your discovery call.

Online Courses

Your Guide To Inner Peace

After teaching live classes as a certified yoga & meditation teacher for several years I am super excited to offer you online programs that will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge & get inspired to develop & grow.

You can find courses on better sleep, stress relief, yoga for beginners, better digestion, & also coaching packages for empowerment, inner peace & meditation.

Start your spiritual practice and get aware of the influence of fear and empower yourself with love. Each online course or coaching package will guide and serve you with that transformation.

Meditation Albums

Your Guide To Inner Peace

Meditation is the easiest tool that will give you the fastest results. All you need is to be willing to see life differently & to be devoted to practice it at least once a day to get the result that you want.

Besides personal guidance with meditation I offer online meditation albums, which are wonderful to listen to when you’ve set your heart on working on a particular goal, like confidence, relaxation, manifesting, body connection, patience, energy clearing, and more. Each meditation album I offer is uniquely crafted for you to guide and serve you in achieving that goal.

Meditate your way to an authentic, relaxed, calm, healthy & happy life. You’re worthy of it!

Are you fed up with your current lifestyle?

Are you willing to be open minded & devoted for a daily practice?

If your answer is YES than you’re ready to train with me. Hit the pink button below & let’s get started by setting a date for your discovery call or you can email me at hello@jjvanzon.com when you still have unanswered questions.

Supporting Your Transformations,

Namasté JJ

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