” JJ is the perfect coach for me. Compassionate, loving, inspiring, and -not unimportant- hilarious to work with. I have really learned to focus more on the positive things of live, especially in the most hopeless situations. I have not only achieved my goal (to sleep better) but also feel more relaxed and confident about all kinds of situations.

Suzan Prins – Human Resources

” What a blessing you are! When I found myself in an unexpected emotional dip towards the end of 2017, I turned to you for guidance and support and this you gave as always with all your heart, which was a powerful component in my healing process. JJ, you have a true talent to share with the world. I can’t wait to keep learning from you as I continue to meander my way on my spiritual and mindfulness journey, I am so grateful our paths have crossed. Much love.”

Yolande Olhaus – Life & Personal Development Coach

“I find your meditations very inspirational. After listening to your meditations one is truly relaxed and a calmness flows over you. When listening to the meditations in the morning after a yoga session I am relaxed and inspired for the challenges of the day. My students also find the calmness of your voice very relaxing and your meditations are a great asset to my classes.”

Neels Snyders – Yoga Teacher

” You have been a wonderful catalyst for this beautiful change, taking place in my life… and for that, I will always be so incredibly grateful. It’s been an exciting week of sharing with friends the things I’m learning on this journey… and I truly feel the freedom of my emancipation… it’s wonderful!

Charm Laubscher – Teacher

” JJ is a soul energy. He brings with him such a nurturing, caring and supporting energy. His meditations and yoga-exercises every morning have been enlightening and uplifting and certainly helped me to settle the energy, focus for the day and create the right atmosphere to learn.

Lesley Ramsden Callow, Life Coach

” His warm and theatrical, teaching style, instills clarity and the confidence to overcome any limiting beliefs that hold you back. And he’ll show you strategies to creating that magnetic energy that manifests abundance.

Carl Brooks, Business Mentor

” You give so much of yourself and I truly believe that when your hands are open from giving, you’re open to receive. And you just portray that the whole time.

Renate Jute, Finance Coach

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